Rewrite the Stars

What if you could rewrite Hollywood. By adding your own characters, mixing in real people and adding in the backdrop of the Golden age of Hollywood. In the new Netflix series that’s exactly what Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story,Glee) does.

Ryan Murphy winning Emmy in 2018

Imagine Hollywood in the 1940’s the Glamor, the lights and the Stars. You saw men be men, women be women and movies that were simple and wholesome. Now that all changes when Ryan Murphy comes into the picture. Imagine a studio like Paramount, or MGM making a movie that not only is written by a Gay black man, but stars a Black female actress.

Let’s back up for a second. Hollywood in the 40’s wasn’t as accepting at it is now. Even after World War 2 were black and whites fought side by side. Hollywood was scared to break the stereotypes. Blacks were casts as servants, maids or even Slaves. Even Walt Disney himself had a film that was racist Song of the South dipected slaves actually happy that they were slaves. Hollywood execs were afraid to change from society, that even after Hattie McDaniel became the first african american actress to win an Oscar, Hollywood was still afraid to push the limit. It wasn’t until 24 years later when Sidney Poitier won Best actor that the academy started getting recognized. Blacks weren’t the only ones shunned by Hollywood Asians, Mexican and Gays were also shunned, or type casted. One of the most famous was Chinese American actress Anna May Wong who was the first Chinese American Movie Star. Who in 1935 lost the role of O-lan a Chinese Farmer to a German actress Lusie Rainer in The Golden Earth

William “Billy” Haines (1936)

In today’s society it not weird to see Gay actors/actresses in Hollywood, in fact in the last 20 years Gay actors have taken home Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes. But back in the Golden Age of Hollywood it was a much different story. not only could they not be themselves but they had the fear of not even working anymore. a perfect example of this is William “Billy” Haines at the time when he started was considered a heartthrob leading man, from 1920 to mid 1930’s he was 52 movies, but when he refused to deny his homosexuality he was never cast in film again. So actors like Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Cary Grant, and Randolph Scott had to hid there sexuality.

In the new Limited series Hollywood on Netflix Murphy rewrites a version of Hollywood that is different. In Murphys version of Hollywood in the 1930’s a young director wants to make a ground breaking movie Raymond Ainsley (Emmy Winner Darren Criss) looking through a pile of scripts finds one called Peg about Peg Entwistle the young girl who jumped off the Hollywood sign. The script was written by Archie Coleman (Jeremy Pope) Ainsley meets with Coleman finds out he is not only Black but Gay. Ainsley instantly think he has a hit, but he must convince the studio to do it. The next day Ainsley meets with Dick Samuels (Joe Mantello) after much deliberation Samuels decides to greenlight the project. When Ainsley gets home he talks to his girlfriend an African American actress Camille Washington (Laura Harrier) and insists she auditioned determined to change how the world and society feels about the blacks these 4 people want to change it.

This Limited series is a great thing for society today. This show also stars Emmy Winners Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) as Henry Wilson talent agent

Jim Parsons in 2014

Holland Taylor (Two and a Half Men) and Rob Reiner (The New Girl) it also stars Mira Sorvino, Dylan McDermott, and Patti Lupone if you get a chance to check this out I would recommend it. Ryan Murphy rewrites Hollywood, and makes it his own. I give it πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».

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What happened to the Great American family Comedy.

By Tim Steele

Let’s face! It if you grew up in the 90’s, Family Comedies were the big thing – from Roseanne, to Home Improvement the Family Comedy was all the rage. Although they have been gone for awhile, we still remember them and hope to see them again for the life lessons, the constant laughter, and the memorable moments. The question is what happened to the great American family sitcom?

In order to understand it we need to go back in time; to the early 90’s when you actually sat down and had dinner together while watching TV. One of the first shows I remember was Full House premiered Sept. 22, 1987. They were the ultimate family with a twist. They solved all thier problems in 30 minutes, ended with hug, and and I Love You, who would love that! Then a year later on Oct 18, 1988 came a different sitcom, one that would change the family comedy and give a new prospective on familes. that was Rosanne,

a loud mouthed mom, who said what was on her mind, a dad who embarrassed all his kids, and they tried to make ends meet as a blue collar family. Four years later in 1991, another family comedy premiered bringing in a new aspect of comedy, one that dealt with real kid issues and how a parent could deal with it. That show was Home Improvement. It gave great laughs by having an accident prone dad and a working mom, which was something society had got used to. All three of these shows lasted 5+ seasons. The last great modern family sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, a family sitcom about a sports writer and his dysfunctional family.

So what killed the great American family Comedy? Was it a changing of the times? Was it society? Was it time for a change? If you look at all these family comedies, they all had things in common: they were all successful, all shared importance family values and they all represented most common families. But what happened???

Honestly, my take on it is was time for a change. Society changed the aspect of what a family was, which meant that TV had to change with it. Although Seinfeld did it first, I think the buddy-comedy TV show came along and changed the whole aspect of the family sitcoms. One major one came along in 1994.

Friends Hit the airways on September, 22 1994, and four years later another buddy-comedy would hit the airways that not only changed TV, it changed the TV culture. Will & Grace first aired on Sept 21, 1998. Adjusted to society by having not one but one gay characters on TV. An other series that added to the buddy-comedy was a show that first aired on August 23, 1998 was That 70’s Show. It gave us a glimce into world our parents lived in as teenagers. a it was about

Six friends living in the suburbs in the 70’s. these three buddy-comedies paved the way for shows like Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and the hugely popular Big Bang Theory. With the popularly of shows like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and most recently, the Netflix show Friends From College, the buddy TV comedy has gone down. What does this mean?

It means that The Great American Family Comedies are making a huge comeback. With shows like Modern Family, Black-ish, Shameless and the critically acclaimed Goldbergs and Last Man Standing, the family comedies are back!!!!

And there you have it. The family comedy didn’t go anywhere it just changed form and made a complete circle. I encourage you to bring back the family dynamic and watch these shows with your kids, and around the dinner table, put the phones away and the tablets bring the TV trays back and watch the TV together.

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End of an Era

By Tim Steele

For the past 15 season Cincinnati Bengals fans have had to deal with heartbreak, embarrassment, and being called a Joke of a team. One of the reasons why is the lackluster Head Coach Marvin_Lewis, who has been with the team in that 15 seasons. Now in recent news has learn that Marvin Lewis may not be back for the 2018 season. For Bengals fans this is great news in his 15 years Lewis has had 7 winning seasons which resulted in 0-7 record in the playoffs, and lost his fire.

With all this being said here is my Top 5 Coaching candidate for Bengals starting with number 5

5. Jim Mora Jr. former HC of Saints, Falcons and recently UCLA, he has 24 years NFL experience. yes, before you say anything I know that he was just fired from UCLA for his first bad season I may add, but he was awesome he turn a team that only won 3 games to a 2-2 bowl record in 5 years, and he has 24 years in the NFL isn’t bad. With Bengals talent he could do amazing the only thing I Don’t like about him is he is a defensive coach.

4. Darrell Bevell current Seahawks OC, 24 years NFL experience

His down fall is he has never been a HC before, but as the saying goes “you have to start somewhere” and I think the Bengals would be the perfect place. Look at what he did with the 3rd round pick QB Russell Wilson, in Wilson second year as starting QB he won a super bowl, Bevell also turned Lynch into what we know as beast mode. Before Bevell showed up Seahawks offense was 28th ranked, he turned into a top 5. I think with Bengals Offense we would explode.

3. Jim Haslett current linebackers coach at bengals, and former Saints, and Rams HC 20 years NFL experience.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would we want someone on our coaching staff to HC. Best answer is he is the only one on the coaching staff with HC experience despite his record of (46-61) he is still a quality coach. In his 5 years with the Saints he developed Deuce McAllister into a 2 time pro bowler. Other then the McAllister, Haslett had no other talent on the team. With that being said the talent Bengals have I don’t see why he wouldn’t succeed.

2.Edger Bennett currently the OC of GreenBay with 32 years of NFL experience

Some say it’s not what you learn, but who you learn it from. Well as a player Edgar Bennett learned from some of the best coaches. While Bennett may not have any coaching experience, as a player Bennett learned from Mike Holmgren, and as a coach he learned under Mike Sherman, and now he is learning Under Mike McCarthey. In Bennett’s first 10 years as RB coach he developed future Hall of Famer Ahman Green, into a pro bowl RB. The more impressive thing is since 2015 as OC of the Packers he has had a top 10 Offense imagine what he could do with Bengals Offense.

1. Frank Reich the OC of the Philadelphia Eagles, and 21 years NFL experience

Now like Bennett, and Bevell he has never been head coach. Even though he has never coached he has learned from some of the best in the business Hall of Fame Coaches Marv Levy, and Tony Dungy. As a OC he spent 4 years at San Diego and while the team as a whole was Crappy, Reich’s offense was top ten every year, and now that he’s with the Eagles he has spent the last 2 years developing top the number 1 Offense. So to me he would be a perfect fit with Bengals offense. Here’s a factoid him and Boomer Esiason were roommates at Maryland.

There you have it, now keep in mind this is a prediction not actual haha.

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The way you wear your hat.

By Tim Steele

When we think of hats, we think of sports figures, or cowboys, pirates, or of course a store that sells hats, but the way they look, or the way they are made now, is totally different from how they used to be.
Let me give a brief History on a the hat first. Hats were created for numerous reasons, fighting weather, or religious events, an indication of social status, and even in the military you could determine branch of service or even rank, just by the hat they are wearing. Let me start with the 1800, farmers would wear a straw hat to work in the fields, to protect from the elements, but if you were rich, or in high society you would wear a hat on special Occasion including dinner, church, or public event. Men would wear, top hats, or Fedora’s, the women would wear Bonnetts.
Fast Forward to the 1920’s, and 30’s men started to wear more boler hats basic black but fashionable for the time period.

Women on the other hand would wear something small and common. It was called a Clouche hat.

But they were still just basic the only ones that had colorful hats were the ladies. Mostly just flower prints or stripes.
Well the 1950’s and 60’s showed up, and with the mob on the rise mobsters were wearing Fedora’s, (now we did mention them earlier, they were made popular in the early 1920’s for style, and the fact they protected wind, and weather). Now when mobsters started “dressing the part” Fedora’s became even more popular, the came in Grey, white, and black. What made them even more popular was the fact that Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and Bing Crosby and even Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Tom Landry

were wearing them all the time, but as the sixties wined down so did the fedora, became less popular. The hat tradition changed for the better when the New Era company created the 59fifty cap. Whitch became the official hat of the Major League Baseball they were made of 100% wool the baseball cap was created.
1970’s came, and so did the Floppy hat for women big and girly, but the Starter Company was created in 1971 and in 1976 they got the licensing to sell sports teams on hats. with that happening in 1980’s more and more sports hats and apparel was being created .
Now we all know the snap back hat is one of the most popular “New” types of hats, but the truth is 1990 rap groups N. W. A and Mobb deep started wearing a hat with snaps on the back, the SnapBack hat was born. And for awhile the only hat you could buy. 12 years later the SnapBack left and was switched with the flex fit hat, a stretchable hat that is sized by S/M M/L L/XL, and the relaxed fitted hats which are S, M, L, XL.
Well 2000 hit and Reebox secured a deal with the NFL and NHL to start selling there hats so april of 2000 the Draft hat was created, which did well, but that fall Reebox started the Sideline hat, now every kid in America could have a hat that the NFL players were wearing on the sidelines. The other funny thing about hats is that women’s hats became something of the past, because women wear starting to wear men hats.
In conclusion hats have gone from being warn with a suit, to being warn with anything. From being black white, and grey to being any color you could think of, from being warn to support a team, to now being something that you match. It used to be one size now it comes in many different sizes. It used to be worn in church, and now it’s disrespectful. So remember the next time u buy a hat, remember it’s not just a hat it’s an accessory, it’s made to match.

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Attention: NFL Owners stay off the feild

By Tim Steele

There is a lot of teams out there like the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins that have something in common with winning games and that is the owners.

The Oakland Raiders, for 38 years, Al Davis has been their full owner even though he only owns 67 shares of the team. He makes the majority of the discussions. which means all the mistakes to they have had 10 head coaches and five Super Bowls, 3 of which they won, some would say that is good but maybe if he would let the coach do his job John Madden or Jon Gruden would have stayed longer and there would not have been 10 coaches.

Then you have Mike Brown at Cincinnati who inherited the team from his father Paul Brown and virtually turn a winning team into the worse team of the 90’s and well on his way to making it the worse team on the 2000’s aswell in the 11 years he has been there he gone through 4 coaches and a bad season after another, and it is because Mike Brown will not let the coaches do there jobs.

Then you have the Detroit Lions coach William Clay Ford who knows nothing about football, his great-grandfather created cars the family knows cars not football they have spent the last four decades hiring coaches and players that they do not even know are good; they need to keep CEO and VP separate from family and stay out and leave the football to the professionals.

It is teams like this that are struggling and because the owner will not stop getting too involved in the team. Yes it is his team, yes he should have a right but he should also have restriction on what he does. Let the coach do the coaching, why pay a coach if you are the one making all the player’s decisions it is not fair to the coach or the players. Your job is to get the player. It is the coach’s job to improve their playing.

Do not be the coach if you are not, sometimes i think that some of the owners want to call the plays too, the owner’s job is simple sign the pay checks give a coach 5 years before you fire him, and enjoy collecting money.

I know you think you have to be on the field, but that is reserved for coaches and players only. The owners should think of it as school superintend and school principal only show up when you need to not all the time. Or stop paying for coaches and do it yourself.

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2011: New Season or season on lock down

By Tim Steele

Drama has already started in the NFL, and the season hasn’t even started yet. But thats the real question is there going to be 2011 season.

For those who don’t know the NFL is on a lock out or strike which means  the players aren’t getting payed. This is also not the first time the NFL has been on a strike. In 1982 the player association was created because of a strike and in 1987 there was another strike because of money.

Basically the players contracts are up and the NFL is holding out. They want to turn the NFL into MLB and make it so only certain teams are the best teams and none of the other teams get a chance.

Now that being said the problem with this is they won’t  just be messing with the players. The main thing is the fans; the die hard fans the ones that watch every sunday or monday watching there favorite team. The whole network was made for the fans, the NFL needs to understand that these players are working a job and it’s not fair that they aren’t getting the recongnition they deserve. 

The thing the NFL always forgets is the fans and without fans there would be the stadium, or the game itself players like Manning or Brady wouldn’t get to play every week.  I just wish that the NFL would see how this is effecting the fans. For some people, football is all they have.

I just hope that there is a season in 2011 or there would be a lot of fans that will be upset. Come on NFL, straighten this lock out up and give us back our football.

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football: love the game or follow the money

By Tim Steele

caption id=”attachment_5″ align=”alignright” width=”300″ caption=”two examples of bad attitudes in the NFL”][/caption]

 It seems to me that the NFL has changed from a game that people play just for fun, to a game of money and contracts and not so great players.

A lot of players represent what im talking about. Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals and Micheal Vick of the philidelphia Eagles are the two players with bad attitudes towards money. The two most famous would have to be Randy Moss  and Terrell Owens who for the past eight years have shown a bad attitude for the game of football. The big reason for the bad attitude is money.

Back in the sixties and seventies and even mid eighties, the purpose of football was to go out every sunday and play football. Now its just a game of how much money do I get if I catch the ball, or what indorsement deals do I get if run I certain amout of yards down the feild.

Im getting tired of players that think they are so great and awsome, that  they think that they can play however they want and nothing can be done. players in the NFL should remember why they became players to begin with, it wasnt for the money or indorsements.

It was for the fans, the ones that buy the tickests, the kids out there that dream of being in the NFL. Which with players like Vick, Owens, Ochocinco and Moss no kid has anyone to look up to but the ones that are there. These players’ bad attitudes are reflecting on the game when they get mad and refuse to play. They don’t care; NFL players need to respect the uniform and the feild and stop trying to follow the money.

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Hello world!

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